Golden View Lifestyle Village

Can my family and friends visit me at Golden View Lifestyle Village?

Yes, definitely! Your dwelling is your home and your visitors are most welcome to visit and use the village amenities with you.

What happens to my home when I go on holiday?

We will care for your home and garden while you are away for short or extended periods. We ask to be advised of any extended absence and any change of plans you may make while you are away.

Can I rent or lease out my home?

No. The dwelling is for the sole use of the person/persons named in the occupation licence.

Is there a 24-hour emergency facility?

All homes are equipped with an emergency call system which is connected 24 hours a day to a specialist call centre. If the call centre receives a signal from a villa in our village, the person on duty will phone that villa in an effort to speak to the person who pushed the emergency call button. If nobody answers, the call centre will then phone the appropriate emergency services as well as a staff member on call.

Can I have my own garden?

We encourage residents to take an active part in the creation of their gardens, but you can do as little or as much as you like. The village landscape gardeners look after your garden along with the village grounds and gardens. Residents also have the option to have their own raised vegetable box adjacent to their villa. In addition, communal vegetable and flower garden allotments are provided.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets play an important role in people’s lives. House trained pets such as a cat, caged bird or small dog are welcome with management’s consent.

What does the weekly fee pay for?

A village payment is payable by the resident, which is adjusted by no more than the CPI each year. The village operator is responsible for outgoing costs payable in respect of the village such as rates, water rates in common areas, insurance on the buildings, maintenance of the facilities, rubbish collection, lawn mowing, common area garden maintenance and full use of the lodge.

What other expenses will I be responsible for?

In addition to your weekly fee, you are responsible for your own electricity, internet, telephone, TV, contents insurance, water metering. The village has its own electricity network which provides residents with electricity at reduced rates.

Is there regular financial reporting to residents?

Yes. The annual financial reports are available to all residents. These include the past year’s village outgoings, financial statements and the budgets for the coming year. The accounts are reviewed by the company auditor and the statutory supervisor.

What community facilities are available?

The Golden View Lodge includes lounge/dining, kitchen, swimming pool/spa, gymnasium with a selection of equipment, library, crafts room, cinema/chapel/meeting room, hairdresser, relaxation room for use by beauticians, masseuse and podiatrist, family meeting room, administration area, an outdoor terrace/bbq area, bowling green and petanque court. There is also a workshop, community gardens, golf croquet course and RV and Caravan Park. There is also a workshop, communal gardens and golf croquet course.

If I have a complaint, who do I raise issues with?

You may speak with the Village Manager at any time. You can also speak with the Village Residents Committee who can take the issue to the Manager on your behalf. Covenant Trustee Services and the Retirement Villages Association are available to the residents and will assist with any problems not able to be remedied by village management.

Do you have availability in the Villas?

People are welcome to call Golden View Village reception to make an appointment to view the lodge and be shown around the village. You will be given a package of the villa plans and asked if you wish to fill out an expression of interest form to enable you to be placed on the waiting list and receive our newsletters. Once you have chosen the villas that you prefer you will be asked to fill our a more comprehensive questionnaire. We have a waiting list for all types of our villas. To be placed on the waiting list there is no payment required.

Golden View Apartments

How do I buy an Apartment?

To buy into an Apartment, you’re required to pay a deposit to secure your apartment plus a capital sum for an occupation right agreement (ORA). This is a licence to occupy, which gives you a contractual right to live in the Apartment, but no legal ownership of the property itself or the land. Under a licence to occupy, on exit there is a deferred management fee of your initial capital sum which covers the long-term costs of residing in the Apartment such as maintenance of facilities and communal areas and the re-licensing and refurbishment of your property after the licence ends. The deferred management fee accrues between the first 2-3 years of residing in the Apartment and is deducted on the re-sale of your licence.

What does the Village Outgoings Payment pay for?

Accordion content hereA Village Outgoings payment is payable by the resident on the 1st of each month. The apartment operator is responsible for outgoing costs payable in respect of the apartments such as rates, water and wastewater charges, insurance on the buildings, maintenance of the facilities such as the lifts, fire alarm systems, rubbish collection, common area garden maintenance and full use of the lodge. Plus, coffee and tea in the common area.

What other services can I have?

We can talk with you about each of the services separately by calling us to have a chat. There are options that include maintenance services such as access to monthly wifi, cleaning, linen changed, personal care, grocery shopping and more. There is a compulsory service which includes 5 main meals at midday per week

What will be provided in the apartment?

The apartment chattels that are included are window furnishings in all rooms, shower curtain, dish drawer and heatpump. You will need to bring your own furniture for your bedroom, lounge and kitchen such as a bed, duchess, bed side table, lounge suite, TV cabinet, TV and all kitchenware such as a microwave, crockery, cutlery. There are some optional extras we can help to organise such as a bathroom heater on request.

If something is broken in the apartment that has been provided by Golden View who pays for the repair?

As detailed in your ORA, all maintenance costs are the cost of the operator, so we will fix this on your behalf.

What other costs do I need to think about?

Power will be charged monthly at a reasonable rate. Any additional services you take plus your user paying services like internet, sky or phone.

Can I bring a pet?

We understand that pets play an important role in people’s lives however due to the restricted size of the apartments and busy nature of the carpark close by we are not allowing residents to bring pets.

Is there 24-Hour emergency assistance?

All apartments are equipped with an emergency call system which is connected 24 hours a day to the Golden View Care facility. If the Care facility receives a signal from an apartment, the person on duty will phone that apartment to speak to the person who pushed the emergency call button. If nobody answers, the on-call nurse manager will enter the apartment to check on that resident and call the appropriate emergency service. There are call out charges.

How do I do my laundry?

We have an onsite laundry facility that has washing machines, dryers and a tub. We will provide washing powder or liquid.

I have a car; do I have a car park outside my apartment?

We have 1 car park space allocated for each apartment; these are on a first come first served basis.

I have a scooter; do you have scooter charging stations?

Some of the ground floor apartments have scooter charging stations situated on your terrace. There are also scooter parks at one end of the building.

Can I bring a hob or countertop oven?

Unfortunately, we do not have provisions for fire protection and ducting. It is not regulated to allow for this. You can bring a kettle and toaster. If you want to bring other appliances, you will need to get the Village Managers permission to do so. We also have a tagging and testing policy for any electrical appliances.

Do you offer short term rest home care?

Yes, we will be able to offer short term rest home care in your apartment until there is a care room available in our rest home facility. There will be charges for the rest home care according to our service agreement.

Golden View Care

What happens when I move in?

We encourage you to bring your personal possessions into the home provided it is safe for yourself, other residents, staff and approved by the Care Manager. We encourage you to make your room your own. Golden View Care will provide a bed, bedside table, a wardrobe, drawers to store your clothes and a TV mounted to the wall. When you move into our home, we will develop a personal care plan with you. Your care plan will be focussed on who you are and what you like. We will learn to understand how you like to spend your day and the routines you prefer. We will understand your personal preferences and what brings you joy as well as your nursing requirements.

Will I be able to contact someone any time of the day or night?

Staff include Registered Nurses and Caregivers who maintain a 24-hour service.

When can I have visitors?

We realise that keeping in touch is very important and so encourage relatives and friends to visit as often as possible. They are welcome to visit at any time of the day. If the front door is locked outside of office hours, please ring the intercom and someone will let them in. We invite your relatives and friends to participate in activities such as social and craft activities.

Where do my meals come from?

Our Care home has a chef who is responsible with their team, for providing a menu that gives as much choice as possible for breakfast, lunch and evening meals.